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The Immediate Solution to a Full Mouth Rehabilitation.


At Kew Dentistry we have a partnership with Australia’s leading ALL ON 4 Clinic with Dr Alex Fibishenko. Dr Fibishenko brought the ALL ON 4 procedure to Australia and also conceived the ‘ALL ON 4 PLUS’ concept.

Dr Fibishenko leads the team at the ALL ON 4 Clinic in Melbourne and will only work with selected trained dentists and specialists throughout Australia.

He is respected by many of his peers as one of today’s most progressive and leading experts.

What are ALL ON 4 Dental Implants?

An ALL ON 4 implant is when all teeth are replaced on four dental implants. This procedure often removes the need for bone grafting due to the back implants being tilted at a 45-degree angle, providing the necessary support for rehabilitation.

ALL ON 4 treatment is made possible with an alveolectomy procedure that reshapes the bone in preparation for the implant installation. This creates a flatter intersurface under the bridge and creates the required space for the gum replacement, this makes it simpler for the teeth to keep clean over time.

Results can be delivered within 2-3 days from the day of the first procedure and a Traveller Fast-Tracking System has been developed for patients coming from regional or rural areas.

For an initial pre-consultation with one of our dentists to see whether ALL ON 4 is suitable for you, contact us to book an appointment.


ALL ON 4 implants may be suitable for a range of patients particularly if you suffer from:

  • Advanced gum disease
  • Deteriorated teeth
  • Failed root canal treatment/extensive decay
  • Numerous missing teeth
  • Loose or uncomfortable dentures
  • Collapse of the bite due to erosion, wear or missing teeth
  • Failing bridges and crowns
Is the procedure performed under anaesthetic?

This procedure is often performed under General Anaesthetic or IV Sedation. If you choose General Anaesthetic you will be asleep for the entire procedure while IV Sedation will place you in a relaxed but conscious state. The aim of ALL ON 4 is for you to be pain-free and as relaxed as possible.

What are the benefits?

ALL ON 4 is a minimally invasive procedure using keyhole surgery. There is no bone grafting required meaning the overall cost is reduced and you’ll be able to smile with confidence after treatment (as well as eat and speak normally). They are also easy to keep clean with regular brushing and special flossing tools.

The procedure is more cost effective than older methods with no bone grafting required, which reduces the overall cost.

Patients are free from removable dentures and the treatment can help in the prevention of further jawbone deterioration. Overall it’s an immediate teeth replacement and fewer implants are used so there is less in the way to achieve highly aesthetic results.

Are my teeth too damaged for ALL ON 4?

To date no one has been turned away from an ALL ON 4 procedure, even if you’ve ‘let your teeth go’ or have had bone grafting in the past we are confident there is always a way to give you the smile you’ve been looking for.


There may be situations where additional procedures are required for your ALL ON 4 treatment such as bone grafting, additional implants, soft tissue repositioning etc. This is known as ALL ON 4 Plus and aims to satisfy in terms of comfort, aesthetics, clean ability and function.


If you would like to know more about ALL ON 4 and ALL ON 4 PLUS contact our clinic for information on the next available Seminar held on site at Kew Dentistry or pick up a detailed brochure today.

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