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Bone Grafting / Sinus Grafting

What is Bone Grafting?

Occasionally, bone grafting is needed to replace missing bone with a material called a bone graft. Often this relates to a situation where there is not enough bone for a dental implant to be placed. Bone grafting restores bone width and volume for the adequate placement of a dental implant. Things that may cause the need for bone grafting include Tooth Loss, Gum (periodontal) Disease, Injury, Dental Disease and Infection and Smoking which can all increase loss of bone with time.

Before any grafting, a plan is made with the aid of a 3D Cone-Beam radiographic scan of your jaws. This scan will determine if there is any need for a graft. If so, most simple graft procedures can be performed under a local anaesthetic. It generally takes around 6-9 months for the graft to fuse with existing bone. Current studies show a very high success rate with modern grafting materials.

The Most Common Grafting Procedures

Onlay Graft

An Onlay graft restores bone width to the front of the upper jaw, bone is taken from suitable parts of the mouth or the hip and transplanted to the jaw. This procedure is performed in hospital under general anaesthetic, with adequately trained oral surgeons.

Sinus Grafting

Sinus grafting is uses to restore bone height in the back of the upper jaw, we use a bone mineral called Bio-Oss in combination with your own blood to help grow new bone. Sinus grafting is a routine dental surgical procedure and not only replaces missing bone, but helps your body regenerate natural bone and improve bone volume for implant replacement.

Sinus Grafting Materials used at Kew Dentistry

We use Bio-Oss® in combination with bio-active growth factors derived from your own blood during our procedures which is a safe and effective bone graft material from specially processed bovine sources. Because of its similarity to human bone, it is highly successful in helping new bone to form.

‘Platelet Rich Plasma’ (PRP) is derived at surgery from your own blood using state-of-the-art equipment. It contains large reservoirs of bio-active growth factors that have the potential to greatly accelerate the normal healing process, naturally. Thanks to such advances in bone regeneration technology, using Bio-Oss® with PRP may eliminate the need for additional surgery to obtain your own bone to use as the graft.

The Sinus Graft Procedure

The procedure can be broken down into four simple steps:

  1. The sinus is accessed from inside the mouth and the membrane which lines it is gently elevated
  2. The Bio-Oss® bone graft particles are placed beneath the membrane
  3. The implant is placed at the time of surgery or after healing
  4. The grafted bone not only replaces missing bone, but also helps your body regenerate natural bone and improve bone volume for implant placement


Not all implant placements require a bone graft, your dentist will discuss with you whether a bone graft is necessary.

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