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Sleep (Sedation) Dentistry in Kew

Patient prepared for surgery

Do you feel nervous when you think about visiting the dentist, or does your child become distressed when it’s time for their checkups?

No matter what the source of your unease may be, at Kew Dentistry we can perform procedures under general anaesthetic, intravenous sedation or nitrous oxide sedation.

This option is ideal for anyone who has a dental phobia, cognitive disability or involuntary muscle movement during dental treatment.

Soothe Your Dental Worries

To determine your needs, we’ll start with a standard consultation and examination.

Your dentist will talk to you about the treatment necessary, the costs involved, what to expect on the day of and how best to prepare for your sleep dentistry appointment.

You’ll go home with a treatment plan and an information booklet of frequently asked questions about sleep dentistry.

Rest Comfortably During Treatment

You can completely relax during your appointment with no gag reflex concerns. We’ll minimise any teeth and gum sensitivity you may be prone to. Longer or more complex treatment can be completed in a single appointment. If you’ve had trouble becoming numb from oral injections, sleep dentistry may be an appropriate solution.

You’ll wake completely unaware of the dental procedures, having no memory of the treatment. Our fully trained medical anaesthetist, Dr Rishi Mehra, is present at all times to monitor the sedation, ensuring your safety.

The recovery time is about an hour, and you’ll need a responsible adult to accompany you home and spend the night with you as the sedative wears off.

Find out if sleep dentistry can benefit you. Contact our team today! Free, secure parking is available to our patients.


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