Lingual Braces

Orthodontic treatments are designed to quickly align your teeth.

Number Of Benefits
Lingual braces offer the ultimate solution
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Affixed to the backside of your teeth and completely invisible.

Works effectively like regular braces

Nobody knows you’re wearing them

More comfortable than conventional braces

Suitable for all ages

Lingual Braces FAQs
What costs are involved with lingual braces?

The cost of lingual braces varies depending on the complexity of treatment you require. They are generally more expensive than traditional braces but are more affordable than Invisalign®.

Who can receive lingual braces?

A thorough evaluation from one of the Kew Dentistry dentists can determine if you’re a suitable candidate and how complex the treatment you require will be. Some patients with a deep bite may not be eligible, but we are happy to assess if lingual braces are appropriate.

Do lingual braces hurt to wear?

Most Kew Dentistry patients report minimal levels of discomfort while wearing lingual braces. There may be a tight feeling when they’re first fitted or when adjusted, though this varies between individuals.

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