Dental Implants

Our implant dentists have many years of experience and extensive training that allows them to complete the dental implant procedure efficiently, minimising your discomfort each step of the way.

The Dental Implant Procedure
Dental Implants in Kew
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Whether you need to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants are the ultimate solution.

Save a tooth

Feel like natural teeth

Superior to dentures


Full chewing function

Implant Procedure
Visit 1

We’ll advise you on the suitability of implants and any alternative treatment solutions. The examination involves inspecting your mouth, gums, teeth and jaws plus the taking of X-rays. A cost plan is prepared and given to you for your consideration.

Visit 2

Your second appointment involves our implantologist inserting the implant into the jawbone under local anaesthetic or sedation. A healing screw is inserted to protect the implant while it heals, taking a total of around three months. You can expect to get back to work the day after surgery.

Visit 3

When three months have passed, a third appointment is scheduled to confirm that the implant has healed properly. We’ll confirm that the shape and colour of your new tooth or teeth fit perfectly and have a natural appearance.

Visit 4

Your final visit is when the new crown is permanently secured for single tooth replacement, or when a new implant bridge is affixed for multiple dental implants. The aim is to restore the full function and aesthetics of your natural smile. Remember, your implant must be treated like any other tooth to maintain its look and health, so brushing and flossing are important healthy habits.

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